About Graveyard Entertainment

Starting out as a small haunt over 14 years ago, it was run out of a home garage and driveway. In 1997, it continued and for the first time this garage haunt had a name, The Haunt on Villa Linda. The Haunt on Villa Linda certainly had the right combination of high-tech animatronics, traditional scares and lighting and sound effects which lended to its success.

It grew in size by five times in every manner speaking. With the New Year also came a new name for the haunt, Dreadful Domain, which was located at the Peoria Sports Complex in 1999. The 2000 season watched Dreadful Domain, Skull Asylum, and The Crypt transform into Arizona's largest halloween event, Arizona Fright Nights. In 2001 Arizona Fright Nights offered 5 Haunted Attractions, 12 Carnival Rides, Food Vendors, Celebrity Appearances, Scream Cams and more. In 2006 we created the The Haunted Corn Maze and had great success.... 2010 brought Chambers of Fear... 2012 added 2 NEW Haunted Attractions to the already Intense Chambers. 2013 goes all out with 3 Intense Haunts all at 1 Location... ready to scream.... you should be!